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Aleksandra Mir «Gravity» 2006.Cai Guo Qiang «Transient Rainbow» 2002.Rafael Lozano-Hemmer «Vectorial Elevation» 2000-04.Gianni Motti «HIGGS LHC CERN» 2005.Alfredo Jaar «The Cloud» 2000.Cai Guo Qiang «No Destruction: Bombing the Taiwan Museum of Art» 1998.Usman Haque «Sky Ear» 2004.Olaf Nicolai «Welcome to the Tears of St. Lawrence: An Appointment to Watch Falling Stars» 2005.Cai Guo Qiang «Golden Missile» 1998.Cai Guo Qiang «The Oxford Comet: Project for Extraterrestrials No. 17» 1993.Cai Guo Qiang «Skybound UFO and Shrine» 2002.Cai Guo Qiang «The Earth Has Its Black Hole Too» 1994.Arthur Woods «The 1st Art Exhibition in Earth Orbit» 1995.Roman Signer «Rockets» 1982-1995.Marina Abramovic and Ulay «Relation in Movement» 1977.Roman Signer «Balloon in Front of Waterfall» 1982.Cai Guo Qiang «The Century with Mushroom Clouds» 1996.