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pageArt and Levitation Project K.-Szvet Tamás012 years 23 weeks ago
pageUp 'n down sophie rusniok013 years 28 weeks ago
pageJason Rogenes «101 California Plaza» San Francisco, 2008. jason.rogenes013 years 45 weeks ago
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pageSpacePlace LINKS orbitant014 years 15 weeks ago
pageInformatikjahr 2006 :: ZKM | University Karlsruhe orbitant015 years 7 weeks ago
pageScreencast :: Bluetooth Twin Screens ZKMax simulation 2006 orbitant015 years 7 weeks ago
pageSpacePlace Info (English) orbitant015 years 7 weeks ago
pageJohannes Kepler «Somnium» circa 1600. johannes.kepler115 years 17 weeks ago
pageAleksandra Mir «Gravity» 2006. aleksandra.mir015 years 21 weeks ago
pageGeorge Méliès «A Trip to the Moon» 1902. george.melies115 years 25 weeks ago
pageUnited Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space orbitant015 years 26 weeks ago
pageWiliam Shatner «Rocket Man» william.shatner015 years 27 weeks ago
pageSpacePlace Invitation Flyer ZKMax 2006 orbitant015 years 28 weeks ago
pageSun Ra «Space is the Place» 1972-4. sunra015 years 28 weeks ago
pageGabriel Orozco «Home Run» 1993. gabriel.orozco115 years 30 weeks ago
pageAccelerating Weaponization of Near Earth Space: 1960 to the Present. mobileme015 years 31 weeks ago
pageZKMax Public Access Bluetooth Installation View orbitant015 years 31 weeks ago
pageArno Penzias, Robert Wilson «6m Horn Antenna» 1963. penzias.wilson015 years 33 weeks ago
pagePetr Kazil «Webcam Skywatch Experiment» 2004. petr.kazil015 years 33 weeks ago
pagePauline Oliveros «Echoes From the Moon» 1987-99. pauline.oliveros015 years 33 weeks ago
pageWhat is a «Gotchi»? orbitant015 years 33 weeks ago
pageChristoph Keller «Rauchringe (Smoke Rings)» 2004. christoph.keller015 years 33 weeks ago
pageChristoph Keller «Cloudbuster» 2003. christoph.keller015 years 33 weeks ago
pageAndora «Proton Rocket» 1992. andora015 years 33 weeks ago